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Los Angeles Podiatrists Tips for Healthy Feet

When it comes to your health, you can never be too vigilant.  Health care professionals always stress the importance of regular visits to your doctor and other health care providers so you know what your health status is.  If there is something wrong, or you have recently noticed some unusual symptoms, your doctor can catch it early, which is the key to staying healthy.  Many of us follow these recommendations when it comes to regular check ups on our blood pressure, cholesterol and other measurements taken during a routine physical.  But how many of us think about checking on the health status of our foot and ankle?

Our feet and ankles have a special and complex relationship to the rest of our body, and podiatry is the care of feet and ankles.  A podiatrist is a foot specialist, and Los Angeles podiatrists are second to none.  They are trained to diagnose and treat a multitude of ailments that affect the feet and ankles; they can prescribe medication, and perform foot surgery when necessary. A good podiatrist can prove to be a vital part of your health care team.  Very often, symptoms of serious diseases affecting other parts of your body first appear in your feet.  For instance, if you visit your podiatrist complaining of numbness and tingling in your feet, he might ask you when you last had your blood sugar checked.  Your symptoms might be a sign that you have developed diabetes.  Likewise, circulatory problems in your feet could be a sign of cardiovascular disease.  Who would have thought that a visit to the foot doctor might save your life?

Many people live with foot conditions that range from unsightly and embarrassing to painful and even debilitating.  A visit to their foot care specialist could result in treatment of the conditions and a happier, healthier life.  Whether it is a case of ugly corns and calluses or a bunion that is so out of control that you can hardly walk, there is no reason you have to put up with these conditions.

Los Angeles podiatrists provide some of the best care in the world, and nowhere is it better than the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center.  Under the direction of Dr. Artin Gevorgian, you can be sure that you will receive the sort of personal attention and world-class level of care that you deserve.  Dr. Gevorgian is board certified and dedicated to his patients.  If you have health issues that might put your feet at risk, or if you are an athlete or regular exerciser, Dr. Gevorgian can provide you with advice on measures you can take to prevent any serious problems from developing.  If you do have symptoms that are limiting or bothering you, Dr. Gevorgian can diagnose what the problem is and devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your particular situation and lifestyle.

Los Angeles is a city where people are constantly on the go, and if you want to stay on the go, you need your feet to carry you.  Dr. Artin Gevorgian and the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center will make sure that your feet and ankles can handle the job.

Tips On Podiatry Los Angeles

Ask any podiatrist about the causes of most foot and ankle problems, and you will be shocked at one answer that pops up time and time again.  One of the most common causes of conditions that send you running to the foot doctor is:  shoes.  That’s right, footwear is harming the very things it is supposed to protect.  That means the health of our feet is in the hands of podiatry Los Angeles. Los Angeles has more than its fair share of shoe conscious individuals, and don’t go thinking that it is only women who sacrifice foot health for fashion.  Men are almost as bad — of course, they don’t have to deal with high heels — a major advantage!

Let’s take a look at some of the more common foot problems that very often are caused or exacerbated by ill-fitting footwear.

Arch pain and conditions such as plantar fasciitis are often caused by wearing high heels.  Running along the bottom of your foot from heel to front, the plantar fascia is a fibrous tissue that can become inflamed and painful when the plantar fascia is stretched away from the heel.  The pain can be excruciating, especially first thing in the morning after a prolonged period of rest.  If it isn’t treated in a timely fashion, bone spurs can develop and might even require foot surgery.  Usually it is treated by avoiding high heels and choosing shoes with more reasonable heels, soft uppers, shock absorbing soles, and removable foot insoles.  Sometimes your foot specialist will prescribe orthotics.

Corns and calluses

Friction and pressure are the causes of corns and calluses.  These thick, hardened layers of skin develop on your feet and toes when your shoes are too tight or have high heels that make your feet slide and jam into the front of the shoe.  But you can also develop corns and calluses if your shoes are too loose and they slide and rub.  Not wearing socks also puts you at risk for increased friction.  Treating corns and calluses on otherwise healthy people is easy, simply remove the source of friction.  If you have an underlying health condition that causes poor circulation, like diabetes, corns and calluses can create complications.


One definition of a bunion is when your big toe points toward your second toe, which causes a bump on the outside edge by the big toe.  Of course, bunions can get big and nasty. At the base of the big toe, extra bone begins to grow and a fluid filled sac forms.  This makes your toe and foot extremely sensitive and pain becomes a constant problem.  It also causes deformities in your foot — so buying shoes becomes a huge problem.  One of the things that will cause bunions to develop is wearing narrow high heeled shoes.  If you visit your podiatry provider and catch the bunion early, it can often be treated simply by removing the source of pressure, such as wearing wide-toed shoes.  If it isn’t treated, then surgery may be needed to remove the bony growth.

Ingrown toenails

Though there are many other factors that can cause ingrown toenails, one cause can be wearing shoes that press the nail against the skin of your toe.  Again, if caught early, the treatment can be as simple as wearing open-toed shoes until the toenail has healed.

These are just a few issues of podiatry Los Angeles residents should be aware of.  For more information, contact the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center.

Avoid Foot Problems With Podiatrist, Los Angeles

Foot and ankle problems are widespread and growing — due to several factors:  a rapidly growing senior population; more middle-aged and young adults engaging in exercise — such as running, aerobics, and even yoga, that put stress on feet and ankles; and, the old standby of foot producing factors, shoe fashions.  That means that across the country, more and more people are seeking out the services of a podiatrist Los Angeles, the residents are a big part of the wave.

Podiatry is a complex discipline that requires its own schools and degree designation.  Your foot doctor has put in years of study and practice to earn his or her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree, or DPM.  A DPM is a foot specialist who is trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the feet and ankles due to injury or disease.  They are licensed to make diagnoses, prescribe medications, and perform foot surgery.  It makes sense to have a podiatrist as part of your health care team.  Dr. Artin Gevorgian of the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center is one of the best.

He handles all types of injuries and disorders of the feet and ankles, from simple to the most complex.  Dr. Gevorgian maintains an office of his clinic in Burbank, across from Providence St. Joseph Hospital, and another office in Glendale, across from Glendale Memorial Hospital.  Because he knows that foot problems can often arise unexpectedly, or can have a flare up that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, his clinics will make same day and emergency appointments.

Here are a couple of the more common problems that people bring to Dr. Gevorgian.  As with any health care issue, the sooner a problem is addressed, the better the outcome is expected to be.  Prevention is the key to the health of your feet and ankles, just like other areas of health.

Arch Pain

Sometimes referred to as arch strain, arch pain is usually a burning or painful sensation in the arch area of the sole of the foot.  There are a number of factors that can cause arch pain, but one of the most common is a condition known as plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a band of fibrous tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from your heel to the front of your foot.  When it becomes inflamed, it is painful.  It can become so painful it hurts to walk. If it is left untreated, it can continue to get worse, and you might even develop bone spurs.

Hammer Toe

This is a condition that affects the second, third or fourth toes in which they become bent at the middle joint, so they literally look like a hammer.  If you catch the condition early, hammer toes can be corrected with very simple measures.  If you leave them untreated, the toes can become fixed in that position, and then surgery is required to alleviate the situation.

Naturally there can be many contributing factors that create conditions, but one of the main causes of both is poorly fitting shoes.  High heels are one of the biggest culprits in both, and if you are a fashionista who loves to wear six-inch stiletto heels, you will hear about it from your podiatrist Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to many women who are willing to trade comfort for fashion.  But see your podiatrist to make sure you aren’t risking a crippling deformity.

Get Foot and Ankle Treatments From a Podiatrist Glendale, CA

People love to talk about their doctors, especially the specialists.  How many times have you been at a party and heard someone raving about how their dermatologist has turned their skin from splotchy and itchy to soft and creamy?  Or how their allergist has liberated them from the curse of ragweed pollen?  But the podiatrist is truly deserving of this praise.  That’s right, the foot doctor, the one we turn to when we have foot and ankle problems.

Here is why I have come to that conclusion.  When you have a sore throat, you are still able to stumble in to work (though your co-workers all wish you’d stayed home).  If your allergies act up, you walk into the pharmacy and pick up an anti-histamine.  But when your foot is out of commission, when it hurts to stand, you aren’t going anywhere.

Except to see your podiatrist Glendale CA, residents can turn to one of the best — Dr. Artin Gevorgian of the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center, which has an office in Glendale, across from Glendale Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Gevorgian is board certified and qualified to handle podiatry problems from the very mild to the most extreme, even those that require foot surgery.

You might think you don’t need a foot specialist, that only senior citizens need to see the foot doctor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are a runner, a jogger, do aerobics or exercise even moderately, your feet and ankles are taking a pounding.  While more people are listening to their other doctors and exercising more, they are experiencing more and more ailments to their feet and ankles.  Foot ailments are one of the most widespread and neglected health problems facing the country. You don’t have to give up exercising, but if you’re going to begin a fitness or exercise regimen, check with your podiatrist Glendale CA, there is an excellent facility available to help you in the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center.

Of course, it is true that senior citizens do suffer with many foot and ankle ailments.  When you reach the age of 82, your feet have pounded a lot of pavement, and things start to break down.  It is also an age where mobility becomes more of a problem.  Seniors often don’t see as well; they are not as steady on their feet.  Or they might be suffering from circulatory problems that cause trouble with their feet.  Regular check ups by a podiatrist can help keep their feet and ankles in good shape, which helps them with their mobility.  Being able to get around without assistance helps them handle the activities of daily living and maintain their independence.  That, in turn, has an incredibly beneficial effect on their emotional outlook and health.  They feel better and they are happier.

So next time you are tempted to think of your podiatrist as “the foot doctor,” just remember that their care of our feet and ankles makes a huge impact on our overall health.  When you’re sick, your health care providers want to get you “back on your feet.”  Your podiatrist is the one who can help make sure that can happen.

Tips for Finding a Podiatrist Burbank CA

Some of the most common health care complaints are related to the foot and ankle.  They also can be some of the complaints that people have a tendency to let go untreated, until the pain finally becomes unbearable.  Any podiatrist will tell you that prevention is a big part of their practice.  Part of the problem is people who would seek out a cardiac specialist for heart problems or an ear, nose and throat specialist for ear problems, tend not to think in terms of going to a foot specialist.  Podiatry is not as publicized or understood as some other specialties.

What people think of as the foot doctor is actually a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM).  If you have a problem with your foot, you need a doctor who can diagnose and treat it.  That’s not as easy as it sounds because the human foot has a very complex relation to the rest of the body.  You need to find a doctor who is trained specifically in the mechanics and structure of the foot, and also understand the injuries and diseases that can affect it.  You need a podiatrist Burbank CA, here you can find Dr. Artin V. Gevorgian, a board certified podiatrist, highly trained in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems, from the simplest to the most complex.

Dr. Gevorgian recommends his patients come in early, when problems can be handled easily, or even prevented.  However, it’s comforting to know that Dr. Gevorgian can bring his considerable expertise, knowledge and experience to your problem, whatever the level of care required, from prescribing some exercises to performing foot surgery.

Another good reason to visit your podiatrist sooner rather than later when you have a foot problem and that is because the feet are very often the first area to show signs of serious conditions affecting other areas of the body, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A podiatric physician like Dr. Gevorgian can often detect symptoms of other disorders before your regular physician.  Podiatrists can serve as a vital — even lifesaving — link in your overall health care.  It pays to make sure that your health care team has a podiatrist Burbank CA, the residents and others living in the area can rest assured that they have one of the best in Dr. Gevorgian.  His office, the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center, is located across from Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, with handicapped parking and same day appointments available.

Dr. Gevorgian is equipped to handle all of your foot and ankle needs, from hammertoe and bunions to Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.  He puts a high premium on prevention, because the best foot problems are the ones you never have.  And if you catch a problem early, the treatment can be simple and easy.  For example, a woman complaining of arch pain was told to avoid wearing high heel shoes and to look for shoes with a more reasonable heel and shock absorbing soles.  Don’t wait until you have a serious issue with you foot or ankle – find a podiatrist before you have a problem.  And if you are anywhere near the Burbank or Glendale area, give Dr. Gevorgian a visit.