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People love to talk about their doctors, especially the specialists.  How many times have you been at a party and heard someone raving about how their dermatologist has turned their skin from splotchy and itchy to soft and creamy?  Or how their allergist has liberated them from the curse of ragweed pollen?  But the podiatrist is truly deserving of this praise.  That’s right, the foot doctor, the one we turn to when we have foot and ankle problems.

Here is why I have come to that conclusion.  When you have a sore throat, you are still able to stumble in to work (though your co-workers all wish you’d stayed home).  If your allergies act up, you walk into the pharmacy and pick up an anti-histamine.  But when your foot is out of commission, when it hurts to stand, you aren’t going anywhere.


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Except to see your podiatrist Glendale CA, residents can turn to one of the best — Dr. Artin Gevorgian of the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center, which has an office in Glendale, across from Glendale Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Gevorgian is board certified and qualified to handle podiatry problems from the very mild to the most extreme, even those that require foot surgery.

You might think you don’t need a foot specialist, that only senior citizens need to see the foot doctor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are a runner, a jogger, do aerobics or exercise even moderately, your feet and ankles are taking a pounding.  While more people are listening to their other doctors and exercising more, they are experiencing more and more ailments to their feet and ankles.  Foot ailments are one of the most widespread and neglected health problems facing the country. You don’t have to give up exercising, but if you’re going to begin a fitness or exercise regimen, check with your podiatrist Glendale CA, there is an excellent facility available to help you in the Burbank Foot and Ankle Podiatry Center.


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Of course, it is true that senior citizens do suffer with many foot and ankle ailments.  When you reach the age of 82, your feet have pounded a lot of pavement, and things start to break down.  It is also an age where mobility becomes more of a problem.  Seniors often don’t see as well; they are not as steady on their feet.  Or they might be suffering from circulatory problems that cause trouble with their feet.  Regular check ups by a podiatrist can help keep their feet and ankles in good shape, which helps them with their mobility.  Being able to get around without assistance helps them handle the activities of daily living and maintain their independence.  That, in turn, has an incredibly beneficial effect on their emotional outlook and health.  They feel better and they are happier.

So next time you are tempted to think of your podiatrist as “the foot doctor,” just remember that their care of our feet and ankles makes a huge impact on our overall health.  When you’re sick, your health care providers want to get you “back on your feet.”  Your podiatrist is the one who can help make sure that can happen.

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